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OK, so... the CE412 class has changed a lot since I even started to write this.  Don't take any of this seriously because it'll just confuse you, and whomever is teaching the class will come beat me up! This page is now really nothing but a reference, and even then, only a reference about what USED to be covered in the class.


Eagle Schematic Capture Software

Eagle Schematic Capture is eally much more powerful than a schematic capture program.  It can also be used to create files necessary to produce printed circuit boards, and even includes an "autorouter" feature to aid in the design and laoyout of the circuit boards.  I have used this software for several projects, and I have been very happy with the results.  The software is available for Micro$oft Windoze as well as for linux and OS-X.  It can be downloaded from CAD Soft USA for free, although there are more advanced versions that can be purchased.  The documentations is also found on their web site, and in some versions is included in the file download.


Benchmarking is any measurable comparrison between seperate computer systems.  A program could be written to measure the transfer rate for an ATA (IDE) hard disk, an SATA disk, and a SCSI disk, to determine which one has the best transfer rate.  It may be tempting to argue that one drive might have a larger cache (buffer) than one of the others and use that as an arguement about the validity of the test.  However, that on-board cache is part of the physical drive, so if you are measuring specific drives' performances, those different caches are part of the drives, and are valid compnents of the benchmarks.

Memory Configurations

I need to write some stuff, here.

Microprocessor Architectures

I need to write some stuff, here.

Networking and Bandwitdhs

I need to write some stuff, here.

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