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Here is the MATLAB Simulink file for Exercise 8.1: Experiment_8_1.mdl.  Just right-click and "Save Link As..."

Some .m files for filtered transmitted data

rand_bits.m - generate sequence of random bits
bit_split.m - take odd bits and even bits of sequence and spilt into two streams (I,Q)
unipolar_to_bipolar.m - convert unipolar (1s and 0s) to bipolar (-1s and 1s)
pulse_train.m - oversample bit data, generating zero-filled impulse train
eye_diagram.m - produce eye diagram of bit-times
make_sinc.m - prodice a sinc function, user indicates oversampleing used above
simple_filter.m - very simple script to build FIR filter

From "Problem Based Learning in Communication Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink" book, Chapter 24: here are the enc.m and dec.m files:

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