Wenton Davis' CTU Student Page

This is the old CTU logo, and I'm sure someone would yell at me for using the "old" logo instead of the "current" logo.  Know what? Too bad! The "current" logo is lame, and this logo is so much nicer! Besides - my page, my choice!

For my students at CTU: (red links not ready yet) (well, none of them are "done" though!)
Circuits Series Digital Series Communication Series Physical Sciences Mathematics

EE110 (Intro to Engineering)
EE221 (Circuits 1)
EE331 (Circuits 2)
EE341 (Advanced Circuit Analysis)

EE375 (Electronics 1)
EE395 (Electronics 2)
EE415 (Advanced Electronics)

EE325 (CMOS Design)

EE490 (Sr. Design 1)
EE490 (Sr. Design 2)
EE252 (Digital Design)
EE312 (Microprocessors)
EE352 (Digital Design 2)
CE412 (Advanced Computer Architecture)
EE343 (Signals and Systems)
EE363 (Comm 1)
EE463 (Comm 2)
PHY211 (Physics/Mechanics) look at this game!
PHY212 (Physics/Light,Sound,Heat)
CHEM105 (Chemistry)
PHY342 (Circuit Physics) Unofficial class I am designing
MATH112 (College Algebra)
MATH104 (Trigonometry)
MATH143 (Business Algebra)
MATH115 (Pre-calc)
MATH201 (Calculus I) look at this game!
MATH202 (Calculus II)
MATH302 (Diff Eq.)
MATH304 (Linear Algebra)
MATH476 (Quantitative Decision Making)

Supporting pages:
CTU's math server


If you need to reach me, you can always email me at email (wenton@ieee.org)