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Welcome to Thought Mountain!

Fair warning... I have not updated this in a while.  Now that I have quit teaching, I plan to completely overhaul this.  As soon as I figure out how to allocate time to it, I'll get to it.

Thought Mountain is my website for students, professors, and engineering professionals.  I created this site with the hope and intent of supporting education and open source information and resources.  I hope that it is helpful to as many people as possible, but since the server and all services (including time) are donated, I'll eventually have to add a "beg for money" page. :-(

For my students at CTU, please go here

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Wire Size
Screw Info
Inductor Calculator
LC Resonance Calculator
Icarus Verilog
Pioneer CPU Design
Assembly language
VT100 codes
ARM cross-compiler
1 Million Digits of PI
Ellipse Escape
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Christmas, 2014
Christmas, 2015
Christmas, 2016
Christmas, 2018

Commodore Stuff
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Pages with the icon are interactive; you can put in data/programs and compute/compile them.

Well.... I suppose that since a few people have commented that they can visit my pages but still know nothing about me, I should have an "about me" page, so here it is.

Virtual TI Emulator program since I am too cheap to buy a real one! However, now that CTU has switched to using HP50 calculators, I don't know if anyone cares about this emulator any more!

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