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An inductor is a coil of wire around some core.  Inductance, L (measured in Henries, H), is the measure of a magnetic field created by a current flowing through a coil of wire.  The properties of an inductor include:

µ Permeability The permeability is how much the core will allow lines of flux to compress inside of it.  It is measured in Henries per meter (H/m).  When researching permeability, some tables will show µ while other tables will show µr, which is the "relative permeability."  The relative permeability is relative to the permeability of a vacuum, µo=4πx10-7=1.2566x10-6.
N Number of turns The number of turns of wire around the core.
A Cross-sectional area The area of the core as a cross-section, measured in square meters, m2
l Length of the coil The length of the coil, measured in meters, m.

Interesting question: what happens when the length of the coils of wire is significantly less than the length of the core?


Inductor design

Design your inductor based on physical parameters:

µ: Core material:
Free space; µr=1.000
Air; µr=1.000
Iron; µ=6.53x10-3; µr=5200
Steel; µ=8.80x10-3; µr=7000
Other: µ= or µr=
N: turns
A: m2
l: m

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