My New Fence

When I bought my new house, one thing that I was worried about was the fence.  It was in terrible shape, and I was worried about Ulurnie getting out and going who knows where before gaining her berrings and getting lost.

One of the worst spots was behind the shed.  The fence was not laying down, quite yet, but pretty close.

A good close look at the same corner of the fence.

Same corner, differnt angle.

From this corner, looking South.

Still in the same corner, but looking West, towards the house.

From the Southeast corner, looking West again.

On the South side of the house, looking East.  Here, without the supports, the fence is just laying on the bushes.

The gate is on the North side of the house.  It isn't clear, but you have to lift the gate to make it fit properly, so opening and closing it is very difficult.

A tree is growing through the fence on the North side of the house, near the front of the shed.

Coming right through the fence...

...right through the fence.

And here is the fence behind the shed, after being repaired.

Looking at the same corner from the North side of the shed again.

Standing in that really bad corner, looking West again.

Southeast corner, looking West.

Remember that big gaping hole?

Repairing the fence so the tree wouldn't have to be murdered took a little creativity...

...but it works.

Here is a short tour of my new house.

The story gets continued in 2018.


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